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NYC being overrun by drunken Santas

50,000 Santas take up Grand Central station
I got the privilege this weekend to witness an unusual event in NYC.  The 2011 Santacon.  Santacon is basically a toys-for-tots with a twist. You dress up as Santa in full costume and you meet at whatever the starting point is with 2 toys.  You register and thats it.. well at least thats what it says on the website. Then you go bar hopping around the city or follow locations to go via twitter or the website.   I am assuming anybody can just dress up and walk around like an idiot for the day if they like and not bring a toy but that is soooo scrooge.

We were having our own little Christmas fest in the city with some close friends from out of state.  Our good ol Tessa has never been to NYC during Christmas time so we thought it would be awesome to take them on a modified Bart Tour through the city. We had no idea that the day we picked was Santacon.

Our first stop was Hoboken.  Driving in i saw lots of people in Santa suits.  At this point i had no idea why.  We arrived at our pre-NYC must-stop-spot Texas Arizona for a quick beer and noticed a few Santas surrounding us.  I googled "Santa NYC" and sure enough the santacon website popped up stating that December 10 was the official NYC SantaCon day.  We laughed.  Got excited.  Finished our beer and headed to the Path station.  More and more Santas began to fill the train including some Santa's helpers, elves and sexy Momma Clauses.

Our first stop in NYC was South Street Seaport.  They do a nice Christmas display so we were thinking of going there first walking from the WTC to Pier 17.   Boy was it a phenomenal decision. Having not a clue about SantaCon or where the Santas are coming from or heading, we ended up smack in the middle of it all.  Apparently this was the starting spot.

Next year i am SOOOOOOO dressing up and doing this. I am quite embarrassed that i didnt do it this year.  We arrived in the city around 2PM.  We had an eventful day making our way to midtown around dinner time. Checked out Bryant Park and headed to a nice dinner afterwards.  Throughout the entire day there were Santas everywhere!!  I hear about 50,000 particpated this year. How AWESOME!!!

Santas getting their groove on
Because every good Santa needs a good meal
"Thank god i held on to my duck suit. I knew it would come in handy 1 day" - one polack says to the other
They're coming!! RUN FOR IT!

Some Pics from online..
Taking over Pier 17

Am i the baddesstttt Santa. SHO NUFF

Too funny

Some videos that i took on Fulton Street and South St Seaport.

On Broadway by WTC approaching Fulton Street

Getting attacked by Santas and his helpers!

Santa's Occupy 1 way street and me laughing like a buffoon

Santas singing Christmas carols after eating a great meal

This is South Street Seaport...hysterical. 


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