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The X-Factor - 11 left

American Idol 2.. i mean The X-Factor premiered on Fox September 21, 2011.  Apprently to dismal ratings. Apparently 12 million viewers is a bust.  Regardless, my wife and i watched and enjoyed it. The honest and brutality of Simon Cowell is fantastic and is the reason why i watched 10 seasons of him on Idol. 

The show is basically American Idol 2 except in X Factor they allow groups, ages 12 and up (no limit) and get broken up into 4 categories in which the judges mentor.  Ok ok.. so its not quite the same.. but it surely has the same looks.  I mean even the music is similar.

 I seriously cant tell a difference!!!


The host Steve Jones who loves to cut off the judges because "the show has to move on" should be called Kleenex.  During the auditions i think every single person that sang a song cried on his shoulder.  I really hope he Purell'd after each contestant. 

+ This

= Steve Jones
 There are 11 contestants left. I have not made up my mind yet who is going to win. Usually for Idol my wife and i have a "contest" where we make our top 12 list.  But having never watched this show, I really didn't know what to expect.  I sorta like how the judges are the ones to determine who should go home or stay. But then again, the viewers aren't really choosing.. are they? I mean they can easily keep somebody on just because they like him.

Who do we have:
This adorable 14 year old CAN SING.  She is one of my favs so far.  Her singing style is cool but sorta can get annoying the way she em   pha               si        zes          each syll        able  when she         sings.
One of my favorites.  The fact that Simon sent her home is mind boggling. Makes me wonder if that was all setup.

Adorable.  She got a voice on her and she is like 12.  Paula said it right suggesting she sing more stronger songs from performers like Beyonce. I agree
Lakota Rain.. what does that even mean?  All they have is looks. They stand motionless and sing. Sure they sound great but move that body a little .. Where is the gay choreographer with the wool scarves when you need him!
They got the moves like Jagger thats for sure. but will they win?  Its funny how Simon in Round 1 says they are the most unique sound he has ever heard today and says they will be superstars. Then votes to vote them off in the final round like 5 minutes later.  What the bloody hell?!
One of my favs!!  he can sing AND he makes burritos.. a man's man.  BUT.. he desperately needs a shower.  Perhaps he was wiping his head on Steve the hosts shoulder.. i dont know but dam his shits oily.
60yrs old?? seriously?  shit.. i need to start taking what he's on.  Great sound but i don't see him winning.
Sorry but this is all i see when i think of her.. dont they sell waterproof mascara?? but.. she has an AMAZING voice! But this bitch just LOVES to cry!

OK.. so i will admit.. he is good.  For only 14 or whatever he is i can definetely see a future for Astro.. which is a bad ass name.. The fact that he writes his own rhymes is pretty impressive. 
My least favorite.. i dont know why but this guy just annoys me. Maybe its the incredible "swag" that he thinks he's bringing or his teeth. .not sure. Sober for 3 months? Hopefully he stays after he is voted off soon.

I like this kid. Really good voice. He is going far.  But still don't get the Bobby Brown reference!

Yes i know she is not one of the contestants but i cant STAND this bitch.  She thinks she is the greatest thing on earth. I will admit.. she does have a fantastic home. I am not sure who she blew or what she is doing to afford that house but god dam its nice.  Why is it 1 minute she has a sweet girl accent and then the next she's all trying to be gangsta all up in here!  I dont understand it.  Loving the fights with Simon.. hopefully he boots her off the show. Bring back the English chick.  She was cute and likeable.

Thats it for now. hollaaaaa


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