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A story about a german guy without a clue..

I recently received a letter from a friend/colleague of mine from Germany, Marc Pusch. We have been working together for the past year on a project for Brazil.  Awhile back, in January, i posted some pics on Facebook of us in the "gym" at our hotel in Brazil working out.  The "gym" was the size of my closet (and no i don't have one of the those ginormous walk in closets) and offered very very little weights.  I think the highest weight was 15lbs.  Anyways, I must have opened Marc up to a whole new world because after our trip getting "bigger" was Marc's biggest goal. 

Since the gym really had no weights at all, i used a lot of my experience and knowledge i gained from my friend Pete's training facility Krank to get some good body training workouts in.  Immediately i saw Marc was blown away at what i threw at him.  And after watching him I was blown away of how weak he was. ;-) 

A little insight into this letter and where it comes from.  Marc is someone you would consider a hard gainer.  He weighs about 116lbs and his height is about 5ft 8, more or less.  After talking with Marc, I told him in order to put weight on you have to eat.  At the end of the day it is all about dieting.  So before our Brazil trip he did just that.  He told me he ate soooo much but couldnt put weight on.  Flashforward  a month or so later.  We are in Brazil.  Now let me tell you a little about my exeriences in Brazil. They just dont like beef.. they LOVE it!  And it is soooooo good.  Any place in Ironbound Newark doesnt come close.  The staple dish is rice and beans and you add of course beef, chicken or any other kind of protein.  The portions size are comparable to the US.  So they are very big.  Now having said that, our first night there we all go out to dinner.  Marc had just told me how he eats sooo much.  His dinner arrives. It is a huge plate of phenomenal beef, rice, beans and of course beer.  Not only did he not finish his plate but he didnt even drink all his beer. The disappointment in my heart.  The next day.. same thing.  No breakfast.  A little lunch. A decent dinner.  I immediately tell him he needs to eat more and i get the i-cant-eat-more-are-you-crazy speech.  

Something clicked eventually.  Maybe it was my constant bitching.  My over-the-top speeches about doing work.  My constant annoying plugs to Krank and for him to check out the videos. I dont know.. but somthing happened and  here is Marc's progress over the course of 9 months.  I feel like a proud father! 

oh and for the record.. i NEVER called him a stick!! i would never do this!

from Marc .. this is exactly how it was sent to me. Dont blame me for bad translations!  hahaha

A story about a german guy without any clue

In January 2011 I met this guy Danny Bartosiewicz on a business trip to Brasil. We already talked a lot of times in telephone conferences and also on Facebook.
So I already knew this guy is working out like hell. When I saw him the first time he said "Hey stick, how are you" (I guess I will never forget those words).
Why the hell is this guy calling me a stick? About 6 hours later I realized that he will become my personal trainer for the next 2 weeks in Sao Paulo. I thought "wow thats nice, work out a little bit before breakfast can't be bad" At this point I had no idea what it means to workout. I still remember those words "do 20 Burpees"...."20 Burpees... easy"..."Ok another 20"..."Ha you think thats  all I can do?" and another 20 and another 20 and another 20... Ok I was done. (But hey I did abuout 100 Burpees, isn't that enough work out for one day?) "Now we do 100 push ups" ... Ok wait! We do what? If you would say do a push up, ok I am in. But do 100? At this point I was quiet sure this guy is joking and nobody in the world would be able to do 100 push ups. We started together and I did about 5-7 then I rested for a long time (including 1 Liter water) and did maybe another 5. Danny was now finished with 100 and in my mind I was so sure he did those push ups not correct or he for sure is taking something to improve his strenght.

At this point I was arround 116 lbs and I was sure I will never ever be able to gain any weight. We worked out every second day and everytime it killed me. I remember that sometimes I had problems to stay on my legs in the shower after the workouts. But somehow I felt good about that I came for the work out each morning and something in me was born, telling me to come each day. (I mean there was no chance, Danny would beat me up If I would not be there)

So working out was somehow ok after 1 week, I knew what to do and I improved slowly. But there was this other thing called eating. EACH day Danny was picking on me..."You eat like a girl" "Whats that? Is that your dinner?" "Are you kidding me? Thats all for breakfast?". I was shocked! At home I NEVER ate breakfast and at all I did not eat as much as in Brazil. I remember one day I really started bitching at Danny cause he was blaming me again and I was so pissed, cause I just did not understand what he means by eat more!

2 weeks later Danny left on Friday back to US. So I was there 1 day on my own until my flight would go back to Germany. I went to workout! (What the hell happend to me?)
Back home there was nothing else on my mind then working out. I went to a store and bought weights, a bench, dumbells, barbells, a pull up bar and so on)
Now Danny had a hard time with me! For sure I was asking him 5 times a day question how to do this and that. He was like my personal trainer 9000 KM away. I realized that nothing will change without changing my eating. So I started to eat a lot, everything, whenever possible. After 6 months at home I signed up in a gym which also helped me to improve.

Now, not even one year later, I gained 26lbs and I feel great. I learned to eat right (not just everything) and I am close to my personal set weight (154lbs). I can not say it was easy as a lot of people started to blame me with words like "oh you start to get fat" "You are still a stick, nothing changed" "I would love to have your problems, you can eat whatever you want".
But in the end I know I made a big change and I found something what I really love to do.

A lot of words said... The intention of all this is to say thank you. Thank you to Krank systems, which realy helped me to improve with all the videos, posts on facebook and at least again and again motivated me to not stop.

But the biggest Thank you (and this realy comes from my heart (NO HOMO (Learned this from Danny HAHA))) goes to Danny!
This guy changed something in me and realy helped me to get where I want to be! He allways gave me a lot of tips and never stopped beliving in me. (Ok he is really cruel when you start bitching but maybe thats what I needed. HAHA)

Thanks for all and DWS (Do Work Son)!!!


This is Marc before.. Look at those renegade guns!
This is Marc now. You can clearly see a difference in his shoulders and face.  Chest is more filled in as wellSorry ladies but he has a girlfriend.


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