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Lady Gaga frigthens a baby and the rest of the world..

And everybody else alive

At work today i was looking at my google homepage taking a break from work and saw the following link,,20546230,00.html

Is that Lady Gaga behind him??

Whats so funny about this picture is that Lady Gaga looks somewhat normal.  Regardless i feel its a cruel joke and the parents should be punished. They knew this kid was gonna freak.. i mean look at her!!  Its almost as bad as the poor baby from the MGMT 'kids' video. 

Here is a compilation of the disastrous "outfits" of Lady Gaga. I warn you now.. it is SCARY!!

Gaga thought it would be fun to dress up a street sweeper in a new movement to get people to clean up the streets!
Kids.. this is what happens when you stick your head in the beehive
Gaga decided to dress up for her business meeting but then later on in the day wanted to get into something a little more comfortable
The only thing that this is attracting is hungry lions and tigers and flies oh my.  I'm surprised she didnt show up wearing a brocolli outfit at her next award show.
Apparently, as the sign notes, when Gaga was born she had a large uneven hat, a condom outfit and shades that my 68 year old father in law wears.
umm.. Elton John the fly called and wants his sunnies back!
We know that you are really Gaga pretending to be a young boy.. nice try Lady Gaga.. nice try
Lady Gaga thought it would be fun to dress up as a touched up re-modernized version of the Elephant Man
Exactly.. we feel the same way
This outfit started the "Gaga is dead" controversy when allegedly Lady Gaga was shot by hunter Karl Irwin who mistaken-ed her for a deer.  To this day, conspiracy theorist believe that the Lady Gaga we see today is just an impersonation MAANNNNN
Not knowing what to wear the morning of she decided to simply wrap herself up in her curtains and put on a happy face.
Having put too much bubble in her bubble bath Lady Gaga thought it would be cute to exhibit this on stage. I certainly dont want to blow them bubbles.
"hey Tony.. i'll take a blond pie with some Gaga and cheese!"
Lady Gaga forgot if she was going to the premiere of the Black Swan or the Phantom of the Opera so she decided to go with both.
Lady Gaga took the scarf to a whole new level.  Its now called the Barf
If Cher , Christina Aguillera and an eagle had a baby this would be the result
It was a battle of the ages.. the ice witch vs the good witch.. Where were you when it happened?? 
i think Lady Gaga was watching too much Twilight Zone and for a second forgot that we are on earth. BTW.. what is up with her crotch.. it looks a bit hairy.. Lady ChaCha
I just hate when i leave my house with my underwear over my pants.. i hate hate hate hate when i do this!!!

After denying an affair with Miss Piggy, Lady Gaga felt it was only right to out Mr Kermit and their long and secret ongoing relationship.
Having just watched Austin Powers Lady Gaga felt inspired to dress up as a FemBot. 

SILVER ALERT:  Be on the lookout for a crazy person who has escaped the hospital during a routine brain scan at Bellevue Hospital.
Lady Gaga wanted to re-invent Madonna's 'Material Girl' phase by including lollipops made out of plastic tube that she can smoke her GaGa dust out of.. smart!
Lady Gaga was tired of having to buy her own 3D glasses at movie theatres so she decided to make her own
Lady Gaga wanted to put her camel-toe on display to show the world she was born this way
Since Lady Gaga doesnt have kids she decided to bring her pet Beaver to work on Bring-your-kid-to-work day

UPDATE: 1/4/12

Gaga decided to go with her New Year's Eve "Ball" piece..literally... Now only if they hung her at the top of Times Square and dropped her instead. 

Lady and the Gaga??!

OK.. so she looks HOT here.. if this is even her!!

This is the real Lady Gaga... the others are imposters!

I pledge that i will never wear white shoes after Labor Day.


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