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Signs the apocalypse is near..

Thousands of years ago the Mayans were a civilization noted for their art, architecture, fully developed written language and mathematical and astronomical systems.  During this time they created a series of calendars and almanacs to figure out what the hell day it is and shit like that.  With some really confusing logic and symbols and long count and mathematics, this "calendar" is supposed to go into the next cycle December 21, 2012.  This apparently is a good thing to make it to the end of a cycle but scholars alike have noted the complete opposite and that this will be a doomsday event.  Once again.. another end-of-the-world date to look forward to.

So far in my lifetime i have been witness to quite a few of these so called doomday dates.  Haley's comet was a big one.. the only thing i remember is the movie. i think my parents were out getting loaded that night and i was stuck with a babysitter.  The next of course is Y2K which was when every computer in existence w…

Lady Gaga frigthens a baby and the rest of the world..

At work today i was looking at my google homepage taking a break from work and saw the following link,,20546230,00.html

Whats so funny about this picture is that Lady Gaga looks somewhat normal.  Regardless i feel its a cruel joke and the parents should be punished. They knew this kid was gonna freak.. i mean look at her!!  Its almost as bad as the poor baby from the MGMT 'kids' video. 

Here is a compilation of the disastrous "outfits" of Lady Gaga. I warn you now.. it is SCARY!!

The X-Factor - 11 left

American Idol 2.. i mean The X-Factor premiered on Fox September 21, 2011.  Apprently to dismal ratings. Apparently 12 million viewers is a bust.  Regardless, my wife and i watched and enjoyed it. The honest and brutality of Simon Cowell is fantastic and is the reason why i watched 10 seasons of him on Idol. 

The show is basically American Idol 2 except in X Factor they allow groups, ages 12 and up (no limit) and get broken up into 4 categories in which the judges mentor.  Ok ok.. so its not quite the same.. but it surely has the same looks.  I mean even the music is similar.

 I seriously cant tell a difference!!!

The host Steve Jones who loves to cut off the judges because "the show has to move on" should be called Kleenex.  During the auditions i think every single person that sang a song cried on his shoulder.  I really hope he Purell'd after each contestant. 

 There are 11 contestants left. I have not made up my mind yet who is going to win. Usually for Idol my wi…

A story about a german guy without a clue..

I recently received a letter from a friend/colleague of mine from Germany, Marc Pusch. We have been working together for the past year on a project for Brazil.  Awhile back, in January, i posted some pics on Facebook of us in the "gym" at our hotel in Brazil working out.  The "gym" was the size of my closet (and no i don't have one of the those ginormous walk in closets) and offered very very little weights.  I think the highest weight was 15lbs.  Anyways, I must have opened Marc up to a whole new world because after our trip getting "bigger" was Marc's biggest goal. 
Since the gym really had no weights at all, i used a lot of my experience and knowledge i gained from my friend Pete's training facility Krank to get some good body training workouts in.  Immediately i saw Marc was blown away at what i threw at him.  And after watching him I was blown away of how weak he was. ;-) 
A little insight into this letter and where it comes from.  Marc is…