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Snow before Halloween!? Tree with leaves mixed with heavy snow = DISASTER

Ok so i was lazy and polish and took this pic through my screen window

Earlier in the day

OK so i am the one who usually says 'ah come on.. the weather is never predictable.  Shit happens'  but this is just crazy.  They are predicting 8 inches of snow for Nutley NJ and its not even Halloween yet.  I remember being a kid and the only weather we got that put a damper on our Halloween was rain.  Now our Cambridge Heights parade that was scheduled for today has been cancelled due to not rain but.. snow!  This is fine by me cause i hate answering the door to trick-or-treaters.. yes i am one of those people.  I dont think i have ever seen a time when we had snow where there were still leaves on the trees.  And apparently, judging by my facebook peeps wall posts, it is causing tons of trees to fall and power outages.

I think 2 weeks ago my wife and i were wearing flippies (bart talk for flip flops) and now today i am wearing 3 shirts in my house cause i refuse to put the heat on.  Anyways,  thats all i got. Hope you all have a nice snowy Halloween!!

EDIT:  ok so  we took a ride around the area to look at the shit that went down. Trees are down everywhere and so is power.  When it comes to trees with leaves and snow, mother nature doesnt mess around!!

here are some vids of our Cambridge Heights development and the trees that are done. Great.. looks like our association fees are going to go up now.. :-((((  ps.. i should have taken these landscape.. polak!!


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