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Polish Alerts

Were you ever driving on the highway and noticed instead of the usual "Traffic for 10 miles" digital road signs, you see an Amber Alert with a license plate number and make/model of the vehicle.  Well recently i have been seeing more and more of these signs with "Silver Alert" instead.  I had no clue what a silver alert was. I thought sounds like somebody forgot to take their Centrum Silver 1 a day.  My wife, oh how i love her dear, doesnt have street cred and/or knowledge like i do. So one day she told me that silver alert meant that there is a old person loose on the road.  I laughed hysterically.. not with her.. but at her.  How can this be true??.. i thought.  Until the next day i googled and saw that she was in fact right. A Sliver Alert basically means that an old person is loose on the road and forgot to take their meds. They are either lost or missing or just trying to get the hell away from their crazy kids.. who knows.

This "guy" should never ever drive a car.. ever!
Wikipedia states (cause it has to be true if its Wikipedia):  A Silver Alert is a public notification system in the United States to broadcast information about missing persons - especially seniors with Alzheimer's Disease, dementia or other mental disabilities - in order to aid in their return.

I dont know about you but i think that this is soooo freaking funny.  The fact that we have an alert for an elderly on the road just makes me laugh.  How many times have you heard someone or even yourself say "This person shouldnt be on the road" .. Well now you know.. maybe they shouldnt!!

The name Silver Alert makes me laugh even more. We live in a world that if you drop the N word or say the F word (not fuck) or the R word you have to apologize to the Gay and Lesbian group, the African American group, the White people group, the Wildlife group.. you get my point.. So to name this a "Silver" alert is hysterical!!!  Where is the AARP where we need em!!

I feel your pain buddy.

The fact that we as a society are now ok with seeing signs for missing elders makes me wonder in the future will we possible be seeing other signs as well??? Like Blond Alerts.  Polish Alerts.  Shit even Woman Alerts cause lets face it women are the WORST drivers!!!

Back to the Amber Alert.. Every time i see one of them.. yes.. i get sad cause it is very sad.. but i always read the license plate and make/model because i am just waiting for that one day where they make a type-o and its my license plate and just so happens same Honda Civic!  Now thats NOT COOL!!!


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Haha. That's some funny shit. Keep it up dbart


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