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Kim Kardashian - Divorce of the year

YIKESS!!! Makeup DOES a face good.. Happy Halloween kids
So that was quick.  After 72 days, Kim has filed for divorce from apprently-stranger Kris Humphries.  What else is new.  And whats even more vomit inducing is that the wedding that happened 72 days ago costs around 10 million!  Now THAT is a waste of money.  Shit i think even the special that was aired for the wedding lasted longer than the actual wedding..

Things longer than Kim's marriage:

Ohh Lindsay
  • Lindsay Lohan's line of coke
  • the line for the latest iPhone
  • the Occupy Wall St peeps
  • Justin Biebers annoying career
  • this iPhone waiter napped longer
  • Wendy Williams wigs

What the Shit!! Looks like Wesley Snipes in drag
  • Kim's sex tape that made her famous.. oh the irony
  • that stupid song Friday
  • the terrible shows Person of Interest and Terra Nova
  • Kris Humphries NBA lockout
  • CNN commercials before internet videos
  • Camille Grammer's fame
I would thank god too everyday that you are still somewhat relevant
We are on to you Mr Cruise

  • the iPhone 4S battery life
  • Tom Cruise and his fake marriage
ahh young love..

  • Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie's relationship

  • Kim's sister Khloes waist line (yes.. i went there)
  • Kim's fairytale wedding special
  • Shake Shack line - I mean its not THAT good

  • the line at Shake Shack
  • and last but not least Kris Humphries head


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