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I remember joining Facebook as a joke.  Basically to look up people that i haven't seen in forever and make fun of them.  kidding of course.. sorta.  That was about 3 years ago and now I, like most people have a hard time getting off of it.  So as much as i love the ability to connect with people i haven't seen in years or someone i just met.. i also hate it.  

10 things i hate about Facebook:

1 - CEO Mark Zuckerberg dresses still like he just got out of his college dorm bed.  Your a billionaire..dress like it!  Seriously.. whats with the 17 dollar Lee jeans and Kohls button up shirt. Enough is enough.. dress like you got it son. And do something with your hair. Like a bunch of spiders got loose on there.  And please invest in some oil wipes. Your face is always sweaty and oily looking.  We expect more from the youngest billionaire!


2 -The iPhone app is crap.. that rhymed! :-))  I think Apple and FB joined forces and are trying to get people to buy more iPhones because they just threw their old one against the wall after using the FB app.  Evil Geniuses.

3 - We get it.. you like Farmville and other stupid games designed for 4 year olds!!  But why on earth do i need to know that my second cousin on my dads side needs fertilizer for her carrots!!!

4 - The old Facebook can pretty much walk into your house.  Steal your TV and maybe grab a snack from the fridge on the way out.  The new designed Facebook can walk into your house. Bang your wife in front of you.  Change the channels on you while watching your favorite show.  Sleep in your bed and file divorce papers when needed.

Original Facebook..remmeber him.. kind nice polite

Newer Facebook.  No more Mr NiceGuy.  Somebody needs to show this guy how to get in....
Meet new Facebook. This guy will do anything to get at your shit!!

5 - The new wall looks like something from The Situation Room.  Remember when it was just a simple wall with your posts and some of your friends?  Now there is a stock-ticker-like thing that shows basically when your friend last peed. So much for stalking your friends.  Im sure the next rollout will show you what friend you are looking at.

6 - Somebody friend requests you.. You have no idea who they are. You click their profile and it says it is private.  Hmm.... So this person can friend me but i cant see who the hell they are or what they are about until i click Yes?  Doesnt seem logical in anyway.

7 - People who posts ridiculous things like what they ate and fun facts of the day.. oh wait.. thats me

8 - Facebook thought it would be cool to give you an email address. So now i am  I have no idea on earth what this means. 

9 - When logging in you originally had to put an email address. Then a couple years later a phone number.  Then recently something else.  To log into facebook eventually you are going to need your mother's maiden name. The date you lost your virginity. How many people you slept with.  Your baby daddy's name.  Your social security number. you get the point. 

10 - Facebook decided to tell us who our "top stories" are.  So instead of me lurking and stalking down my news feed like i used to, i now have my top stories.  Usually involving friends that i never talk to.  Wait to go Facebook.


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    lol too cute and funny!!!

  2. DJ Thatcher3:39 PM

    Danny Boy, What's up man?

    Don't forget you love that you foudn me! Your long lost God Brother all the way in 8 hrs away South Bend, IN. Studying Business Management at Brown Mackie College.

    How the hell are you and Alan, Arlene and Carol?

    DJ Thatcher


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