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Apples and Androids..

So here i am.. After a night of light drinking with a friend.. 2 beers and an 16yr old GlenLivet accompanied by a Macanudo cigar, the 2 latter very tasty i may add, i am here killing some time. It is 12:07. The wife is asleep and i am off tomorrow as we will be heading to DC for the weekend. So i guess you can consider this my first buzzed blog.. anyways.. i figure i got an hour or so to kill so let's try to upgrade my iPhone to the new infamous iOS 5.0, which i am very excited about.  I have been writing now for about 2 minutes and my download/installation has started about 10 minutes ago. Toggling back to iTunes it is currently backing up my library. There is a......  

{edit} my computer crashed when checking iTunes of course so now i am back up and running.  Vista took 5 minutes to boot and iTunes another 2 minutes so now I have lost approximately 15 minutes of my life i will never get back..

Its amazing to me that somebody so GREAT, so FANTASTIC, so REVOLUTIONARY, can create a process soooo primitive and outdated.  Mr Jobs was of course a fantastic salesman when it came to his products. But the one thing that he left out in all his great presentations was the slowwww, tedious, completely outdated process to update their device with the latest and greatest upgrades.  Why on earth didnt they have the technology to send the updates via cloud prior?  Why did it take 4 years to have this finally done now!? The one good thing is that after this upgrade..should it work.. i will never have to sit at my computer and wait impatiently for hours for my phone to get updated.  In most cases, it does not and i have to try 3 or 4 times which usually is an hour each time.  God i hate technology.  The best is that i work in the busines.. :-(

That nice buzz i had is wearing off and so is my patience.  Calling it quits to this blog at least.  My phone upgrade will continue through the night which we all know will be a complete failure.

boooooooooo Apple


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