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1 Tough Mudder

So this past Saturday i competed in my first Tough Mudder. Not only was it my first tough mudder event but it was also my first race/competition/challenge i have ever done. I must say after finishing i had such a feeling of accomplishment. I mean sure, its just a "race". But at the end of it all.. The sweating. The bleeding. The burning lips and stinging eyes. The pit of fear in my stomach. The freezing cold water. The smoke in my lungs. The shooting pain of my calf muscles turning into stone. The 10,000 volts of electricity hitting my right shoulder. The gash on my right leg from tripping over a log in the woods and falling on a rock. The slow march up the many hills. The dried, then wet, then dried mud all over my body reminding me of Predator. The rush of adrenaline. The smell of smoke. The distance cry of hundreds of mudders beginning their march of madness as I enjoy a twisting turning trail run in the rugged mountains. The sudden silence of nothing but you…