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Top 2011 list - Bart style

Another year has gone and past. There were lots of great moments as well as embarrassing moments.  I have  made a little list of 2011 moments enjoy.. but first ya see that small button to the right -->  that says "Join this Site".  well click that and follow me already!!!  WTF??!!

Biggest fall from grace: - Charlie Sheen

Dude went from making 2 million a week to making nathan!  His media frenzy was a hit and it got him a million twitter followers in like less than a day. His Violent Torpedo of Truth "comedy" tour was a joke and so were his catchphrases like "tiger blood" and "winning".  The one thing that he proved is that winning means to fall from grace and land on your face.

Runner ups - Anthony Weiner, Jerry Sanduski, Joe Paterno

Most played out song - LMAO Party Rock Anthem, Pitbull/Ne-yo Give Me Everything Tonight (tie)

Everyday im shuffling.  Ok so this song was good for the first 100 times i heard it but then it was played on almost eve…


Engagment ring stuck in toilet for 36 years By Rick Bastien updated 2:22 PM EST, Wed December 28, 2011 NEED TO KNOW Pink sapphire engagement ring fell into toilet 36 years agoCouple tried to recover it several times, but eventually gave upDecades later they were able to recover it

Seriously??? This is making headline news on CNN.. must be a slow news day. That ring must fucking STINK like all hell!!!!

A Christmas post.. Dbart style...

Once again Christmas has came and went.  Almost as quick as the resurrection of NBC's Charlie's Angels.  This time of year is always a favorite of mine.  Not sure why but i can never get tired of hearing the same 23 Christmas songs being sung over and over by a different artist year after year. Nor the 32,678 people on the road when you just want to get milk.  Or the stress of what to get your loved one when the year before you bought her a car and a trip to the fuck do you top that.??  Yes.. i was bragging..

Let's not forget the fucking god dam Salvation Army bells that you hear ringing day on and day out.  They should STOP ringing the bells if you give them money instead of continuing. They would make a shit load more.   And why was Justin Bieber everywhere this Christmas. I must quote a funny facebook post that my boy Bgrip said "When Justin Bieber sings Christmas songs... An angel loses his wings".  God dam i am jealous i didnt come up with that…

X Factor finale

Last night was the final singoff of the last 3 contenders to become the winner of the X Factor and the 5 million dollar contract.  The show certainly didnt feel like a finale by any means.. more like a circus.  Each contestant sang 2 songs.  The first was a duet with a famous singer singing their hit song.  I didnt understand this one bit.  How can you put extreme talent against amateurs.  Sure it was a WOW moment for the contestants to be able to sing with a mega pop star but why do this for America to judge. How can you judge a person singing along with Alannis Morisette or R Kelly.. doesnt make sense.  (notice how i left Avril Lavigne out).

Round 1:
Josh sang Allanis Morisette's "Uninvited".  The begging was awful. He was pitchy and it just didnt fit his sound at all.  Then he introduced the bad ass Alannis and she crusdhed it.  They sang together.. it was awkward and Josh was noticably trembling. I'd be too.. Its Alannis!  He was completely over triumphed by Alan…

X Factor - and then there were you even care??

The X Factor has made it to the final 3 contestants who will vocally duke it out tomorrow night for America's vote for a 5 million dollar contract. But does anybody care or even watching at this point? The much hyped Simon Cowell presentation of his "American Idol" has done nothing in ratings.. a mere 10 million viewers.. sure sounds like a lot but this was hyped to be the biggest show on TV making investors very very looking forward to being a part of it. Boy did that backfire.. Instead the show is barely making the top 20.

Having watched 10+ seasons of American Idol the new show doesn't compare. Sure it looks similar as for the layout and premise but when it comes to the production value it is awful.  The show is way over-produced. The stage productions look bigger than some of Madonna's.  The product placement is just waaay over the top.  It seems like every scene there is a twitter reference, a pepsi reference or some other lame product reference that nobody…

NYC being overrun by drunken Santas

I got the privilege this weekend to witness an unusual event in NYC.  The 2011 Santacon.  Santacon is basically a toys-for-tots with a twist. You dress up as Santa in full costume and you meet at whatever the starting point is with 2 toys.  You register and thats it.. well at least thats what it says on the website. Then you go bar hopping around the city or follow locations to go via twitter or the website.   I am assuming anybody can just dress up and walk around like an idiot for the day if they like and not bring a toy but that is soooo scrooge.

We were having our own little Christmas fest in the city with some close friends from out of state.  Our good ol Tessa has never been to NYC during Christmas time so we thought it would be awesome to take them on a modified Bart Tour through the city. We had no idea that the day we picked was Santacon.

Our first stop was Hoboken.  Driving in i saw lots of people in Santa suits.  At this point i had no idea why.  We arrived at our pre-NYC …

Tampa Tough Mudder - 1 Smelly Mudder

Marcia.. Marcia.. Marcia.. is what they should have named the 2011 Tampa Tough Mudder.  This run consisted of nothing but wetland, marsh and swamps..and god knows what else was lurking out there ready to trounce us.  From rattlesnakes to gators to cow shit there were all kinds of goodies awaiting us out there.

This was my second Tough Mudder. The first mudder i ran in PA last April.  (read about it here).  It was my first mudder and i was super happy with myself for my accomplishment of finishing it.  After doing that mud run i got addicted to these races challenging myself further each time.  I have done mostly small 5k "mud" runs;  2 Rugged Maniacs and 10k MS run through Liberty State Park.  In these 3 runs, i ran with my buddy Anthony and we killed each time outdoing our previous time with each race.  So going into this race our goal was just to KILL it and see how close we can get to finishing in the top 5%.  We didnt just take the top 5% but finished in the top 12!!  O…

Signs the apocalypse is near..

Thousands of years ago the Mayans were a civilization noted for their art, architecture, fully developed written language and mathematical and astronomical systems.  During this time they created a series of calendars and almanacs to figure out what the hell day it is and shit like that.  With some really confusing logic and symbols and long count and mathematics, this "calendar" is supposed to go into the next cycle December 21, 2012.  This apparently is a good thing to make it to the end of a cycle but scholars alike have noted the complete opposite and that this will be a doomsday event.  Once again.. another end-of-the-world date to look forward to.

So far in my lifetime i have been witness to quite a few of these so called doomday dates.  Haley's comet was a big one.. the only thing i remember is the movie. i think my parents were out getting loaded that night and i was stuck with a babysitter.  The next of course is Y2K which was when every computer in existence w…

Lady Gaga frigthens a baby and the rest of the world..

At work today i was looking at my google homepage taking a break from work and saw the following link,,20546230,00.html

Whats so funny about this picture is that Lady Gaga looks somewhat normal.  Regardless i feel its a cruel joke and the parents should be punished. They knew this kid was gonna freak.. i mean look at her!!  Its almost as bad as the poor baby from the MGMT 'kids' video. 

Here is a compilation of the disastrous "outfits" of Lady Gaga. I warn you now.. it is SCARY!!