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Remember the good ol' days when Wildwood was Wildwood instead of just another commercial shore resort town.

ahhhh..just thinking of it gives me goose pimples..

Driving down the beautiful green parkway filled with vacationers, moody drivers and impatient locals who loathe our intrusion on their territory. These locals who most of them were one of us now seem to own stock in a land they claimed years ago by migrating down south from the same areas we come from to get away of the urban development and movement in northern Jersey. Nothing beats the ride over the small bridge infested with some awful rotten fish that let out a stench of dead fish mixed with toxic chemicals most likely leaking out of the huge nuclear power plant some 30 miles away clear out in the distance. This of course is pure evidence that you are approaching the Wildwood area. Don't forget about the spot where the parkway turns from a beautiful lush throughway with trees and plants on either side to a 2 lane r…